What is Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy?

This kind of therapy enables you to express and resolve difficult life problems and feelings. You will have a safe space and a confidential setting to talk through your problems and come to understand them more fully. Through the relationship with the therapist, talking, using memories, dreams and feelings, your immediate and long-standing concerns and relationships can be explored.

Also, the process of understanding present perceptions, expectations and unhelpful repeated patterns of behaviour can often reveal how they are related to past experiences. The supportive, understanding relationship with the therapists will help to facilitate this awareness and enable you to work towards resolving your difficulties.up-arrow20px

How Do I Begin?

You start with an initial consultation with an experienced psychotherapist at their consulting rooms in North London, when your concerns and needs will be discussed.

Following this initial consultation there are a number of possible outcomes:

  • individual long or short term psychotherapy – we are often able to refer you to a therapist working in your area
  • group psychotherapy
  • couple and family therapy
  • other Arbours facilities – we provide residential care in our therapeutic communities.


Arbours Therapists

Our psychotherapists are all registered practitioners with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. They come from a variety of cultural and language backgrounds and are sensitive to issues around sexual identity, ethnicity and disability.up-arrow20px


We charge fees on a sliding scale, and you may be able to have low fee therapy according to your circumstances. This can be discussed at the initial consultation if the low fee therapy is available at the time.up-arrow20px

Making an Appointment

You can make an appointment for an initial consultation by contacting our central office located in North London Tel: 020 8340 7646, 020 8348 6466 or email: info@arboursassociation.org. or if you prefer you can complete our on-line referral form.up-arrow20px

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