The Arbours Association

We are an internationally renowned registered charity with 50 years experience providing psychotherapeutic support for individuals with serious emotional problems. We provide an individual psychotherapy service and in the past offered therapeutic communities and a training programme.

Arbours Annual Conference

Understanding Adolescence: Creativity, Disturbance and the Developmental Process by Hannah Solemani
10.00am – 1.00pm followed by lunch
AAP AGM 2.00pm — 4.00pm (AAP Members)
Saturday 25 November 2017 at LSE, London WC2A 2AZ   

Adolescence is perhaps the most difficult and drastic phase in human development. Although not an illness or trauma, it is full of major physical and psychological changes that may lead to serious and possible fatal pathological consequences.
In this paper, I will look at the developmental tasks that face the adolescent and consider how these are negotiated. I will also illustrate this with some clinical work, of an analysis with a very worrying adolescent. It will, I hope, show how difficulties are tackled psychoanalytically and the enormous anxiety and terror adolescents project into those around them.

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We have formed a strategic partnership with a charity called ‘Yellow Heart Trust’. This will help us extend our services to more people. Philip Robinson, Director, Yellow Heart Trust, says:

“The Yellow Heart Trust is delighted to have become a strategic partner with the Arbours Association, to help with the inspiring work at the heart of Arbours\\’ mission.  I sincerely hope that deserving applicants will benefit from the financial help that the Yellow Heart Trust can provide, particularly for those suffering from issues related to addiction and/or trauma.\\”